Angelus Sees Darla Feed For The First Time requested by ifeltyourheartbeat

Ireland - 1753

He stepped out of the house, wiping the sleeve of his coat across his face, succeeding in merely smearing the blood rather than wiping it away. The mess mattered very little to him. After all, this was a slaughter—his first. His home village was his for the taking. He and Darla had parted, and he’d gained the invitation inside the home with the promise of mercy that would never come. No one was spared. 

He’d had his fill of blood, but it didn’t stop the glutton within him, the demon that thirsted and craved. Turning his head, he caught sight of Darla as she took in a straggler, a man fleeing from his life from the carnage well in progress. Her hands were swift and strong, pinning the man to her as she indulged. Her golden eyes stared at him over her victim’s shoulder. 

He couldn’t stop the laugh that sounded from him, the rumble of it in his chest. She took her time as she fed, unlike himself, new to this life and hungry for it all. She savored it, her hand gripping the man’s hair in a tight grasp. Her eyes never left him. 

Ah, she was a vision. His Sweet Death.

The laughter still on his lips, he turned. There was more slaughter to be had, but that image remained with him. 
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