Angelus Sees Darla in Connor drabble requested by ifeltyourheartbeat

L.A. - 2003

Angel warned me about you. Said I should remember you’re not my real father,” Connor said, the words hanging between them for a moment. 

"Yeah." Angelus gave a small nod, as if considering the words for a portion of a second before he stood. "That was a nice speech. Touching." He began to step slowly toward the bars of the cage. "I think it ended with you promising to kill me."

His son—their son—continued to stare at him. “I remember.”

Their son. Angelus had to marvel at that for a moment. In his imprisonment, he’d had some time to think. And he’d thought about Connor, thought about the hate he’d felt for the boy. His own contempt that this runt had been the cause of Darla’s demise made him more than a bit resentful. She’d turned to dust to let the boy breath his first breath. And Angelus was almost certain he would never let that thought go, how it felt to have Darla’s hand turn to dust in his own, trapped in the back of Angel’s mind, unable to do a thing to stop it as she slipped away.

There was just something about the brat he really didn’t like.  

Kind of unnecessary, don’t you think? I mean, with your track-record, I’ll be staking myself by the end of the day.”

"Fine by me," Connor told him as he began to turn.

The tone. That look…

He caught sight of that small little smirk that twisted the corner of Connor’s mouth upward. A smirk that was all too familiar. And then he saw it, finally. Their son. And he truly was at that. He could see Darla in him, that fire that had ignited her essence and made her fierce and strong. It shone in Connor. 

Angelus leaned against the bars. “Darla felt the same way.” Hadn’t she? “It made her sick, you squirming inside her.” Hell, it had made him sick just at the thought.

He watched as Connor’s face changed, the smirk replaced with a stern look. Ah. There it was again. The look. That was Darla. “So, she jammed a stake in her own heart, just so she wouldn’t have to hear your first whiny breath.” But he’d heard it. He’d been there.

Connor scoffed. “You don’t know anything.”

Did he? Angelus wondered.

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