Love Will Infect Our Hearts

Title: Love Will Infect Our Hearts
Author: somekindofdeviant (the-fanged-four)
Progress: on-going
Overall Rating: NC-17 (Sex, torture, blood etc)
Overall Pairings: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Drusilla, Drusilla/Darla, Drusilla/William, Angelus/William (basically all of the Fanged Four)
Warnings: Sex, blood, torture, violence. What do you expect? They are vampires!
Disclaimer: I don’t own the vampires in this story. All credit goes to Joss Whedon etc etc.   

Overall Summary: A Fanged Four/Spangelus tale. All Angelus wanted was to understand love. 

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven

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